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Boost your profits up to 34% with PracticeERP

Engage, sign & intake new clients

Discover the transformation from clunky systems to seamless efficiency! Watch our customer testimonial video as Carmen Ladika from MBE shares her journey from frustration to streamlined productivity with Practice ERP.

Work quickly & accurately wherever you are

Discover the story of CMP CPA's transformation in our customer testimonial video. Learn how this medium-sized accounting firm found the ideal workflow and accounting solution in PracticeERP, providing the automation they needed to scale efficiently.

Automatically track every billable minute

Discover the transformation of a partner's role in this compelling customer testimonial video. Learn how Practice ERP revolutionized daily tasks, empowering staff to access information themselves, leading to more efficient operations and improved culture.

Make data-driven insights for optimal law firm management

Unlock the secrets to successful collaboration and support in this customer testimonial video by Jennifer Richards. Dive into the dynamic world of PracticeERP updates, designed to meet the evolving needs of multiple firms and bring about a shared journey to success.

Customize reports

Discover a game-changing transformation in our customer testimonial video, where the old way of report generation and project management is left behind. Uncover the newfound ability to take control of your reports and deadlines, managing your workload with precision.

Manage workloads

Chelsey shares her incredible journey of process improvement with Practice ERP. Learn how her productivity skyrocketed with everything in one spot, customization at her fingertips, and no more waiting months for updates.

Expand business lines

Uncover the future-focused journey of our firm in our customer testimonial video. Learn how embracing PracticeERP was an essential step towards preparing for a remote workforce, demonstrating that it's not 'if' but 'when' that need will arise.

Save valuable time and effort

Discover how PracticeERP has revolutionized MBE’s operations by consolidating all our processes into a single, user-friendly software, eliminating the need for multiple applications.

Better reporting

Find out how Ally saves 5 hours weekly on reporting with the help of PracticeERP. Coming off XCM and CCH Practice their team at MBE has found so much functionality and better reporting from PracticeERP.

Scale seamlessly

Explore how this adaptable software has positioned us to scale seamlessly as our business lines expand, providing dedicated support every step of the way.

Everything You Need to Run a More Profitable, Organized Firm

Our all-in-one platform provides law firms with unmatched choice, automation, and visibility, enabling you to run your firm efficiently so you can dedicate more time to helping more people resolve their legal issues. See why G2 ranks us the #1 legal practice management software.

Make a great first impression

Treat your leads like they’re already a client. Communicate with prospects and onboard new clients to your firm quickly and professionally. You’ll build trust from the very beginning — and inspire more client referrals.

Effortlessly manage your leads.

Keep up regular communication with potential clients while tracking your wins and losses.

Breeze through the onboarding process.

Quickly run conflict checks, estimate the value of your cases and get to work!

Get the help you need.

Smoothly navigate your recruiting and onboarding process with the help of Smokeball’s award-winning client support team.

The data to drive your firm’s future

Harness the power of your data with PracticeERP’s Law Firm Insights. Actionable reporting into your cases, clients and opportunities make it easier to run a smarter, more organized firm.

Your entire firm, at a glance.

Access all the details you need to build and track your firm’s goals in one place, from matter-type profitability to referral revenue to your staff’s time and activities.

Improve your financial health.

Quickly review your most profitable clients and profitability — then confidently adjust your fees and focus areas.

Take your team to the next level.

Gain a top-down view into how your firm spends its time. You’ll identify high performers and opportunities for improvement while planning caseloads more effectively.

Turn Manual Work That Once Took Days Into Minutes

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