Run Your Best Firm, Build Your Best Life

Boost your profits up to 34% with PracticeERP

From Intake to Invoicing, PracticeERP is the only platform you need to Run Your Best Firm.

Engage, sign & intake new clients

Easily manage your leads, onboard new clients, and track your wins and losses — all in one place.

Work quickly & accurately wherever you are

With world-class document management software, intuitive workflows and innovative features built for your area of law, you can do your best work, even when you're on the run, with our mobile app for iOS and Android.

Automatically track every billable minute

Accurately capture every minute you spend working in the PracticeERP, Microsoft Word, or Outlook with automated timekeeping software. Then, just like magic, see them recorded to the appropriate matter, sorted by activity type.

Get paid faster & bill the way you want

Build & send custom invoices and collect online payments quickly and easily, no matter how your firm works.

Make data-driven insights for optimal law firm management

Actionable reporting into your cases, clients and opportunities make running a smarter, more organized firm easier.

Capture 2x the billable time

Automatically records your time, so you bill more hours without working more..

Boost your profits by 34%

PracticeERP helps you focus on your most valuable matters and bill what you’re worth

Everything You Need to Run a More Profitable, Organized Firm

Our all-in-one platform provides law firms with unmatched choice, automation, and visibility, enabling you to run your firm efficiently so you can dedicate more time to helping more people resolve their legal issues. See why G2 ranks us the #1 legal practice management software.

Make a great first impression

Treat your leads like they’re already a client. Communicate with prospects and onboard new clients to your firm quickly and professionally. You’ll build trust from the very beginning — and inspire more client referrals.

Effortlessly manage your leads.

Keep up regular communication with potential clients while tracking your wins and losses.

Breeze through the onboarding process.

Quickly run conflict checks, estimate the value of your cases and get to work!

Get the help you need.

Smoothly navigate your recruiting and onboarding process with the help of Smokeball’s award-winning client support team.

The data to drive your firm’s future

Harness the power of your data with PracticeERP’s Law Firm Insights. Actionable reporting into your cases, clients and opportunities make it easier to run a smarter, more organized firm.

Your entire firm, at a glance.

Access all the details you need to build and track your firm’s goals in one place, from matter-type profitability to referral revenue to your staff’s time and activities.

Improve your financial health.

Quickly review your most profitable clients and profitability — then confidently adjust your fees and focus areas.

Take your team to the next level.

Gain a top-down view into how your firm spends its time. You’ll identify high performers and opportunities for improvement while planning caseloads more effectively.

Turns Manual Work That Once Took Days Into Minutes.

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