Custom Dashboards for Every Role

Eliminate the hassle of juggling between various systems and spending excessive time on switching back-and-forth between spreadsheets! With PracticeERP, you will never miss a beat – gaining visibility and control into your daily operations and empowering teams for project success. What’s even better? Designating user access is easy – with distinct dashboards tailored to each role: Partner, Manager, Billing & AR, and TaskFlow Admin.

My Team

Partner Role

Take a look inside PracticeERP from the partner role.

Manager Role

Check out PracticeERP from a manager role point of view.

Audit Role

Ensure your business is running smoothly with PracticeERP.

Admin Role

Stay organized and on top of any project with this PracticeERP.

Billing & AR Role

Learn how PracticeERP can help you cut down your average days-to-pay from 90 to 30.

My Workspace

Empower your team by giving them the flexibility to self-manage projects and tasks. My Workspace enables staff members to set up timers, monitor time spent (from budgeted vs. actual, billable vs. non-billable), move tasks, collaborate within projects through TaskFlow notes, and set personal reminders. On top of all this, the interface is customizable, so every user can find one that works best for them.

My Workspace
Time & Budget

My Workspace lets you manage and budget your time according to your target billable and non-billable hours. You have your "My Daily Time Review" for a quick look at how you've been spending your time for the week, and your "My Budget to Actual Time" table for a more detailed review and comparison of your time spent the current week versus the previous week, as well as your month-to-date and year-to-date budget and actual.

Projects & Tasks

Bid farewell to the anxiety of missing a deadline! Have a comprehensive view of all ongoing projects in a single location, along with crucial information such as the client’s name, deadlines, and the duration since their last activity. Prioritize your work with ease for optimal productivity and exceptionally systematic project management!

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Partner Role

As a partner, the buck stops with you. Our Partner Role has the highest user access level, so you'll get a micro-to-macro view of your firm! From minute details like sales, leads, team progress, time, expenses, and aged WIP & AR down to in-depth analytics – you can keep tabs on what's going on at all levels of operations and gain valuable insights for timely decision-making!

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My Clients

Visualize your progress and track success easily with the "My Clients" tab. Get an instant overview of all your KPIs against your book of business – time, sales, open WIP & AR, and overdue projects.

My Team

Lead your team to success by monitoring their performance through the "My Team" section. Keep track of how close they are to achieving goals, check for any misses, and observe what's in progress and accomplished!

Firm Analytics

Get the complete picture of your firm with Firm Analytics! Filter data by partner, manager, line of business, and more – it's an all-inclusive approach to getting top insights about your company.

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My Clients

Are you driven by goals to keep moving your firm forward? With the "My Clients" tab, you can easily monitor and celebrate your progress. Get a glance at key performance indicators such as time invested, total sales generated, open items & accounts receivable--and make sure nothing gets overlooked by keeping an eye on project deadlines.

My Team

Monitor how your team is doing and find out where they can use a helping hand. On the "My Team" tab, it's easy to check in with each of them - from their progress against a goal to any overdue projects that need attention. Make sure you don't miss anything so everyone remains productive! Check to see if someone could use more work and allocate accordingly – all from your Manager Role view.

Audit Role

Gain valuable insights into your project budgets and avoid unexpected expenses by conducting a comprehensive review of actual hours worked and expenditures made, ensuring that you stay on track.

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Billing & AR Role

Cut down your average days-to-pay from 90 to 30. With our billing and AR user access, you can easily keep track of each client's balance, realization rate, and transactions, write up WIP, generate statements, and create and email invoices. Additionally, you can attach useful collection notes for each client to ensure that you never overlook any reminders.

Client Dashboard
Improve Cash Flow

Staying on top of each client's individual balances and payment transactions, in one place, will ensure a steady cash flow.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Centralizing client balances and adopting an automated billing and accounts receivable feature eliminates the possibility of expensive errors, safeguarding your profitability.

Need a more in-depth look at our dashboards?

Task Flow Admin Role

Keep tabs on overdue projects and track which tasks are moving forward or need extra attention - all while simultaneously monitoring statuses by manager or partner to ensure nothing falls through the cracks!

Firm Analytics


Transform the way you manage client interactions! Get real-time visibility into how sales efforts are stacking up and take advantage of actionable insights to maximize success. Unlock higher performance by leveraging strategic upselling and commissioning strategies.



Maximize the potential of your business intelligence with our cutting-edge and user-friendly dashboards. Our role-specific ERP systems integrate data from various sources, streamlining it into a centralized platform, allowing you to derive valuable insights. Additionally, our mobile-responsive design ensures that you can monitor your key performance indicators conveniently and remotely at any time of the day.

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