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From advantages, pricing plans, third-party integrations, and system requirements to security – we know you have a lot of questions about PracticeERP. Our FAQs are a great starting point along your journey if you need an easily digestible overview of the basics. So let’s get started and tackle those queries!

Tutorial Videos

No matter how tech-savvy you are, getting used to PracticeERP and its many features can be challenging. Our tutorial videos will help you find your way around dashboards and get you on the fast track to becoming an expert.


Check if PracticeERP ticks all the boxes before you take the leap. Our self-assessment tool features ten key questions that will help determine if it's the practice management solution best suited for your firm’s needs. Make an informed decision today!


Frequently asked questions

An ERP designed to efficiently manage the complexities of your Firm.
PracticeERP was developed for a CPA firm that wanted to have one system where all their data flowed and employees could have better access to data, deadlines and deliverables. This not only increases efficiencies, it allows firms to operate with out chasing deadlines and micromanaging staff. Partners can now gain insights to be proactive for their business and their customers. Spending time on higher-level tasks creates happier staff and a more profitable firm.

PracticeERP is a module that is built on NetSuite. NetSuite employs stringent round-the-clock monitoring tools, controls and policies and a dedicated tenured security team to ensure that it provides the strongest security for its customers. NetSuite has met a host of audit and security standards including SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI-DSS and EU-US Privacy Shield framework.

We are always improving and taking suggestions from our customers.
As you know customizations can depend on many factors. We would love to discuss further your needs and come up with a scope of work that you are satisfied with, then roll out game plan for implementation. Schedule a call with us and we can get those ducks in a row.

Yes, we have a Training Channel on YouTube. We also offer CPA360 to our customers after they implement PracticeERP in their firms.

Yes, you can access PracticeERP anywhere on any web browser.

PracticeERP has an open API, but we recommend working with a Partner to do integrations to keep your data clean and configure the integration in an optimum way.

PracticeERP is a lifelong learner who will adapt and evolve several times yearly to meet our customers’ needs and requests. Don’t worry; we will let you know when we release updates and showcase the benefits for your firm to capitalize on.

PracticeERP is priced by the user and the types of seats for each user.

We don’t offer a trial version at this time.

Yes we offer a user group called CPA 360. This group has accelerated training program, access to shared documents, tool kit for processes and procedures. Priority input to product enhancements. Monthly playbooks for 30, 60, 90 days. There is support on top of monthly user meetings quarterly meetings with product team. Access to roll-based teams. Teams comprised of each firm’s industry leaders to collaborate and support each other with industry trends, new regulations, and best practices.

Firm Administrator | Marketing | Audit | Tax | CAS | HR | IT

Yes, with the open API you can have information flow in and out.

We would recommend consulting a developer with experience prior to making any adjustments.

In order to successfully use PracticeERP, you must have broadband internet access for each user, and each computer that will use PracticeERP must be equipped with at least one of the following: Internet Explorer 11 Windows 10, Windows 8.x Internet Explorer 10 Windows 8.x, Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) or higher Google Chrome 50(1) Windows 10 Mozilla Firefox 45(1) Windows 10 Safari 8. Mac OS X 10.10 Safari 7. Mac OS X 10.9 Safari 6. Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8

Book a meeting and we can discuss how many users you would need and if you have any requirements that are not in the standard deployment. Contact Us

Just remember we are here to help you evaluate. Just give us a call and we can walk you through our assessment to find out where currently are and where you need to be.


“When business software is set up correctly and users are adequately trained, people will fully understand its capabilities and future possibilities. Business software should improve your company’s productivity and provide a strong information reporting structure.”

  • What are the key deliverables and objectives (success criteria)?
  • What is driving the search and where will there be some wins?
  • What are the requirements for the users (executive group, marketing, product managers, accounting, and external partners)?
  • What are the gaps between the current system (as-is) and your future system (to-be)?
  • How easily can the information from your current system be migrated to a new package?
  • How easy is it to implement a new system? What kind of support is there?
  • Are there any advanced customizations required? Does the software support customizations?
  • As your firm changes over time, can the business application change too?
  • When choosing a package, imagine your firm 5 to 10 years from now.
  • What is the future growth (life) of the application?
  • Allow the people who will be using the software to see and try out the applications.
  • How well does the package interact with other software applications?
  • Does the application streamline or eliminate certain processes?
  • Does the reporting provide more timely, accurate and “fit for use” information?
  • How customizable are the reports? Are there tailorable business dashboards?
  • Is there a strong company that will be around to provide regular updates and support?
  • How old is the software?
  • Is the software provider actively investing in resources and improving it, or are they only maintaining it?
  • What are the network, server, database, and workstations requirements and costs?
  • How often are upgrades, and how much do they cost to implement every year?
  • Can you work from home, the hotel, or anywhere away from the office? Is it mobile device friendly?
  • Your sponsor’s level of commitment and support can have the greatest impact on the success of the implementation. How knowledgeable and qualified does the supporting partner appear to be?
  • Are they customer-focused? What experience do they have?
  • Price is only one part of the equation. It is important to consider the quality of support, software provider, and how well the software fits the business. This is a long-term investment.
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